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Reading Real Life

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For those who want to swap journals - art, text only, photography, mixed media
This community was created with real life in mind. It's a place for those who love real life, reading it, living it, and chronicling it with paper, pen, paints and pictures. It evolved because of an increase in requests for such swaps seen in other communities. It is self-driven - if you want to swap, add your request here! As many or as few swaps as any one user wishes.

What is a Journal Swap?
Basically, you and whomever you're swapping with each keep a journal. It can be anything you want - art, text, photography, mixed media...whatever! When the journals are finished, you send it to your partner. You can make it for them if you like - a way to chronicle life in your corner of the country or world; Be as detailed or as not as you want; As open and honest or as secretive as you want. There are really no rules beyond what you and your partner(s) agree to.

How the Swap Works

1. Post a NEW entry here with your request. Include the basics - age, location, language you want to journal in, and what you want to get out of it. (I only ask for age because some people may not be comfortable swapping with someone else 20 years their junior or senior. :))

2. You and your partner(s) make the rules. You agree to when you'll finish them, how you'll send them, and if you'll want them back at some point or if the swap is for keeps. Please note that normally, these are permanent trades - but they don't have to be!

3. It's on you to keep in contact with your partners. But remember, this is a commitment! Don't leave someone hanging, especially since they'll have put a lot of work into this and it may end up for nothing.

The Rules (because there's always rules...)
♠ Explicit sexual content may NOT be exchanged with anyone under the age of 18, they say it's OK. It's illegal and we don't want this forum shut down. Sorry. If I see posts soliciting such content by a minor OR offering such content TO a minor, it will be deleted. Explicit sexual content here is defined as any content that is XXX rated. Artist renderings of nude figures are not explicit. Detailed accounts of what you and your lover did last night, or photos as such, are. Soliciting for sex is also forbidden. That's what Craigslist is for.

♠.1 To that end, any posts soliciting or offering chronicles of real-life illegal activity will be deleted. What you write in your journal and swap is out of our control, but we can't, unfortunately, condone specific requests about illegal activity of any kind.

♠ While we're wicked flexible about what's "allowed" in terms of journaling, this is not the place to advert slams, pen pals, or the like. There are other communities out there for that.

♠ No spamming/flaming. I see most of the posts, but if someone gets out of hand or starts spamming your entries with, well, spam, and I haven't caught it - LMK. PM me and it'll be taken care of straight away.

♠ If you find you can't generate a tag but want one (either by age range, username, type of journals wanted or whatever), PM me and I'll make it happen!

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